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“Sex Workers Can’t Be Raped.”
In California, a police officer who ejaculated on a woman he’d detained at a traffic stop -and threatened to arrest her if she took action against him- was let off even after admitting what he’d done. Why? Well, the victim was a stripper on her way home from work. In officer David Alex Park’s 2007 trial, Park’s defense attorney argued that the woman “got what she wanted” and that she was “an overtly sexual person”. The jury (composed of one woman and eleven men) found Park not guilty on all counts.
Similarly, a judge in Philadelphia ruled that a sex worker whom multiple men had raped at gunpoint hadn’t been raped at all -she’d just been robbed. The victim, a twenty-year-old woman, who’d worked for an escort service and obtained clients via Craigslist, had agreed to certain sexual acts with the defendant for a set amount of money. But he lured her to an abandoned piece of property and pulled a gun -then more men started showing up. When a fifth man was invited to assault her, he instead helped her get dressed and leave because he saw that she was crying. But municipal judge Teresa Carr Deni insisted that what happened to this woman wasn’t rape -it was “theft of services”.
“I thought rape was a terrible trauma,” Deni told a Philadelphia Daily News columnist. “[A case like this] minimized true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.”
Women who are “really” raped. You can’t get much clearer than that -a sex worker just doesn’t classify as one of these victims.

—  Jessica Valenti - The Purity Myth

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Argh! I hate, hate, hate the way law enforcement deals with rape of all kinds. (One reason) I am for legalizing sex work so that maybe sex workers could be helped and taken seriously when they’ve been assaulted. Sex workers CAN be raped. How fucking idiotic to claim they can’t.

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The average person was a 1 in 18,000 chance of being murdered.

If the person is trans, that chance turns into 1 in 12 chance of being murdered.

Think about that for a moment. 

How disgusting is it, how disappointing is it,

how monstrous is it that being a trans person makes you more than 1000 times more likely to be killed

Seriously I can’t even string together enough words to represent how utterly abominable that is

1 in 8 for the brown girls

Reblogging this out of respect for the trans* people and women of color who live in more dangerous situations than I purely due to them not being born cis or white. I wish we lived in a safe and fair world.

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“The juxtaposition here is very jarring. We’re expected to salivate over a picture of Belle Knox clad in her schoolgirl fantasy outfit directly beneath a headline reporting that she feels unsafe on campus because of her peers’ hostility toward her. As I read the media coverage of Belle Knox’s strip club performance, the nebulous feeling of irony that had come over me when I first saw her come onto stage in a plaid miniskirt and matching bra-vest coalesced into a sense of pure absurdity. It’s ridiculous: one of the most popular genres of porn is devoted to college women, and “sexy co-eds” is a staple of pornography. The horny college girl is a fantasy that’s ubiquitous nearly to the point of banality (for instance, “college” is in the Top 3 PornHub searches for numerous states).

[…]The fantasy here is of “college girls expor[ing] their sexuality and hav[ing] a great time doing it” — and porn consumers, clearly, love it. But when we, as a public, are greeted with the actual thing — a porn star who is also enrolled in college, who is an eager and bright young co-ed — we react with a mixture of disbelief, scorn and malice. The irony is not lost on Belle that (in her words), “the same people who are shaming me are the same people who are jacking off to me.” This irony should not be lost on anyone.”

Why Our Culture Jerks Off to College Porn But Hates College Porn Stars (via brutereason)

I would add it’s not just college porn.  our culture loves the sex industry but despises the workers and thinks we should be working for free/quitting doing & something worthwhile with our lives/OR!!! probably aren’t good for anything else (coughcough bitchdiction cough never5get) but should still be doing it for free AND doing something more worthwhile with our lives. 

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this is so timely too because it’s something I’ve been thinking about  and how this is going to affect us going forward.  Like it’s not just that people don’t value the work that we do since “any idiot can get naked or fuck” and also don’t want to pay us since “women should only get naked or fuck when genuinely and altruistically moved to preferably in the confines of a loving and monogamous relationship [ie for free]” 

it’s that they’re now able, not just willing, to access many of our services for free.  porn especially but strip clubs too even if you won’t get the same level or quality or length of interaction.  I don’t think this will affect escorts in the same way but I could see some carryover to cam work. 

And it’s part of a larger culture of devaluing emotional, feminized, and also creative labour—writers and musicians get ripped off too, and there’s an idea that they too should be doing their work for the sheer fucking joy of it and living on good vibes, but there’s something uniquely shameful and hypocritical about the way people obsess over and consume sex work while shaming, marginalizing, threatening, and doing violence against actual sex workers.

(i’ma be real w you and admit I didn’t click the link cuz it looks like it’s on jezebel and jezebel’s only a few centimeters above xojane in sites I would step daintily over if they were on fire)

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Everyone Peeps

So that’s where Fluff comes from.


Everyone Peeps

So that’s where Fluff comes from.





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  • French: This chair is feminine! "La Chaise!"
  • Italian: This chair is feminine! "La sedia!"
  • German: This chair is masculine! "Der Stuhl!"
  • English: This chair is a fucking object, I don't see a skirt or a pair of trousers anywhere on its cold hard surface, you people are fucking insane.
  • Japanese: If you don't pronounce chair exactly right, you'll end up saying testicles instead.
“There’s a big difference, however, between hating a dominant group in an oppressive system like patriarchy and hating the individuals who belong to it. Angela Davis once said that as an African American she often feels hatred for white people, but her feelings for particular white people depend on the individual. She hates white people’s collective position of dominance in a racially oppressive society, she hates the privilege they enjoy at her expense, and she hates the racist culture that whites take for granted as unremarkable while she must struggle with the oppression it creates in everyday life. But Davis also knows that while individual whites can never be free of racism, they can participate in racist systems in many different ways, which include joining people of color in the fight for racial justice. The same can be said of men and women.

The distinction between groups and individuals, however, is subtle and easy to lose sight of when you’re up to your ears in an oppressive system. Of course women are going to feel and express anger, resentment, and even hatred toward individual men who may not have it coming in just that way or to that degree or at that moment. Of course men are sometimes going to get their feelings hurt or be called on to take responsibility for themselves in ways they may not be used to. When I heard Davis talk about hating white people, and when I’ve heard women talk about hating men, I’ve had to get clear in my own mind about how these words refer to me and how they don’t, and it often takes some effort to get there. And as a white male who benefits from both male and white privilege, I’ve also had to see that it’s up to me-and not to women or people of color-to distinguish one from the other. Too often men react to women’s anger by calling on women to take care of them, and in this way recreate the male-centered principle of the very gender order that women, feminist and otherwise, are angry about.” Allan G. Johnson, The Gender Knot (via wretchedoftheearth)

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